Purpose and Participants – Fidelio’s "A Seat at the Table" Programme

As we approach the March “A Seat at the Table” Programme, Fidelio is delighted to once again welcome senior female Executives and Directors from a range of sectors and regions. The core objective of the Programme is to strengthen the pipeline of female Executives and Directors and to put talented women in the driving seat of their Board careers. Fidelio’s purpose is to build Boards “fit for the future” – diversity of thought, experience and gender plays a critical role.

Confidence and Strategy: Women are becoming much more thoughtful as well as selective about where they can add value as they think about the kind of Boards that are suited to their profiles and ambitions. This includes considering which Non-Executive opportunities best complement their Executive roles.

Succeeding in Executive Roles:  A number of participants on the “A Seat at the Table” Programme are focused on succeeding in Executive Director roles and contributing to Board effectiveness in this capacity.  The Programme maintains its strong Executive representation and hones in on the five attributes of leadership which contribute to success in both Executive and Non-Executive roles.

Non-Executive Participants: Equally we continue to welcome female Non-Executive Directors who have made the transition to a portfolio career and attend the Programme to increase their Board effectiveness, sometimes as part of their formal Board induction and development programme.

Support from the Board: Increasingly Boards are taking up the gauntlet laid down by the FRC to strengthen the Executive pipeline in their own organisation, with Chairs and Non-Executive Directors nominating senior women from within their organisations to attend “A Seat at the Table”.

Cross-Border, Cross-Sector: Participants of the Programme attend from a range of geographies, and we are delighted to be welcoming women from France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the US in March and September. Previously we have hosted women from a broad range of European countries as well as from Africa.

The Programme also retains its strong representation from Financial Services, including participants from banking and asset management, and in our coming Programmes we look forward to welcoming women from professional services, infrastructure, publishing, engineering and the automotive sector. The Alumni network also includes senior women from the pharmaceutical sector, Private Equity, rating agencies, government and parastatal organisations and, of course, technology.


We are now finalising the details of the March Programme, and have opened registration for September 2018. Fidelio is delighted that the Programme continues to go from strength to strength, and once again look forward to welcoming a diverse and international group of participants and contributors on 13th – 14th March at Leeds Castle, Kent, UK. 

For more information on the “A Seat at the Table” Programme and on Fidelio’s work building Boards “fit for the future” through Search, Development and Evaluation, please click here or contact Olivia Jenkins.

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