Press Release – Fidelio to host third “A Seat at the Table” Programme for Senior Female Executives in September 2016

London, 23rd March 2016 – Fidelio successfully hosted its second “A Seat at the Table” Development Programme for Senior Female Executives at Leeds Castle in March 2016.  The purpose of the programme is to ensure women succeed to the Top Table and at the Top Table and it coincided with International Women’s Day and the HM Treasury and Virgin Media’s “Empowering Productivity” Report.  

With strong endorsement and substantial demand for the “Seat at the Table” programme, Fidelio confirms it will be hosting the third programme at Leeds Castle on 13th – 14th September 2016.

Fidelio, the Board Development and Executive Search consultancy, is a strong advocate and committed player in ensuring greater representation of women in senior corporate roles, including in the Boardroom.  Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” is a practical, effective route for corporates to develop the senior female executive layer and to enhance gender diversity at Board and Executive level.

A Seat at the Table” attracts talented female leaders from across the globe who hold senior positions across a range of functions, including in some of the world’s largest and most dynamic organisations. In March 2016 Fidelio welcomed a select group of talented women from the UK, the US and continental Europe.

Effectiveness at the Board/Executive Committee table is central in this highly focussed, practical two-day programme. Participants acquire insights and perspectives from senior Directors and global experts in their field, as well as an invaluable toolkit for their route to the Executive Committee and the Boardroom, including:

  • a framework for understanding leadership structures and styles;
  • a mirror for personal presence including within a group dynamic; and
  • a road map of critical networks and milestones in order to achieve  professional and personal objectives.

A key outcome of the March 2016 Programme was a discernible increase in confidence and clarity regarding goals and routes to success.  A critical component was a firmer understanding of the power of networks, including the network acquired over the two days.

The Programme was applauded as offering “…a heady combination of new contacts, immediately actionable insights and rich seams of thought…”. Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, co-founder of Fidelio says, “Given Fidelio’s Board, Search and Development capability, we have very clear insight into who succeeds to the top table and who succeeds at the top table. A Seat at the Table” reflects our experience and expertise and participants come away with purpose and clarity regarding the route to the most senior levels in the organisation and, indeed, to the Top Table.”

For more information about “A Seat at the Table” Programme, please contact Luke Main on or + 44 (0) 207 759 2200.

Notes to Editors:

About Fidelio

Fidelio Partners is an international Board Development and Executive Search consultancy. We have a deep understanding of what shareholders and stakeholders require from the Board and Executive team and through Search and Development we ensure leadership teams are well placed to:

  • Sustain corporate reputation and maintain the licence to operate
  • Secure on-going access to capital
  • And thereby increase the value of the business

Diversity is hardwired into every aspect of Fidelio’s approach to building and developing leadership teams.  Fidelio is recognised for its fresh thinking and providing practical solutions for Chairmen and CEOs in meeting this vital challenge.

Fidelio’s definition of leadership is being able to successfully navigate the complexity at the top of the organisation.  As such “A Seat at the Table” focusses on five attributes critical to success at the Top Table:

1. Understanding the complexity of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the leadership team

2. A firm grasp of governance, including formal and informal power structures

3. Presence and authority; personal impact; the ability to influence

4. Reinforcing networks; networks of support and networks of reciprocity

5. Resilience under extreme pressure

Our highly qualified, in-house research capability is based in London and delivers Search and Development internationally.

Fidelio is committed to building diverse and highly effective Boards and Executive teams.  For further information please contact or +44 (0) 207 759 2200.


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