Fidelio Update – "A Seat at the table" – Moving the Dial on Diversity

London 10th May, 2016 The business case for diversity is clear. Yet many companies struggle to build diverse Boards and leadership teams.
The goal of Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” Programme is to empower senior female executives to succeed to the top table and at the top table—strengthening the pipeline and developing the female CEOs and Chairmen of tomorrow.

Now in its third iteration, the acclaimed “A Seat at the Table” is next held on 13th – 14th September 2016 at Leeds Castle, Kent, UK. In this Fidelio update, we set out 10 reasons why “A Seat at the Table” is moving the dial on diversity:

1) Effectiveness at the Top Table – Taking place around the Boardroom table, a select group of senior women work closely for two intense days grappling with key challenges facing Boards through case studies, fast learning, interaction and reflection.

An excellent Board readiness programme” – CEO, Subsidiary, Global Financial Services Provider

2) Dual Focus on the Board and the Executive Committee – Navigating a senior executive career plus initial external Board roles is fraught with pitfalls. “A Seat at the Table” addresses this critical phase providing a solid Board foundation and learnings immediately applicable in the executive day job.

3) Addressing the Need – Women are frequently technically strong but still may not succeed to the top table. Based on extensive research the Programme focusses on behaviours and skills critical to Boardroom success—from a firm grasp of governance to presence and authority.

4) The Bespoke Career Path – Some challenges are general. “A Seat at the Table” also addresses participants’ individual goals through a pre-Programme interview and personalised ongoing support—along with unparalleled reflection afforded by the distance from routine corporate life.

5) Demystifying the Board – Is there a higher standard of Board readiness for women? “A Seat at the Table” provides awareness of the realities of Boardroom responsibility. Based on alumni feedback, the pathway to the Boardroom becomes clearer and shorter.

6) Increase in Confidence – Alumni leave with greater confidence and a willingness to set ambitions higher

My key learning was understanding what I am capable of” – Leadership and Learning Executive, European Manufacturing Company

7) Shareholder and Stakeholder Engagement – Aspiring to a quoted Board is tough. Participants benefit from Fidelio’s deep expertise and are joined by experienced shareholders and stakeholders to prepare for dealing with complexity in the Boardroom.

8) Instilling Practical Networks and Focussed Networking – A select group of senior female executives from a range of sectors, functions and regions, influential external speakers, and structured thinking create the basis for a highly effective network to support a successful career.

9) Expert Contributors to the Programme – Guest speakers are interwoven throughout the interactive and collaborative programme and comprise Executive/ Non-Executive Directors, with highly relevant practical experience, and world-experts in their field.

10) Ongoing Development – Fidelio provides ongoing support for alumni and facilitates contact and learning through content-rich seminars, case studies and workshops, making the road map to the top table a reality.

Notes to Editors:

For further information on the “A Seat at the Table” Programme and the application process, please contact Luke Main or call + 44 (0) 207 759 2200.

About Fidelio

Fidelio Partners is an international Board Development and Executive Search consultancy. We have a deep understanding of what shareholders and stakeholders require from the Board and Executive team and through Search and Development we ensure leadership teams are well placed to:

  • Sustain corporate reputation and maintain the licence to operate
  • Secure on-going access to capital
  • And thereby increase the value of the business

Diversity is hardwired into every aspect of Fidelio’s approach to building and developing leadership teams. Fidelio is recognised for its fresh thinking and providing practical solutions for Chairmen and CEOs in meeting this vital challenge.

Fidelio’s definition of leadership is being able to successfully navigate the complexity at the top of the organisation. As such “A Seat at the Table” focusses on five attributes critical to success at the top table:

1. Understanding the complexity of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the leadership team

2. A firm grasp of governance, including formal and informal power structures

3. Presence and authority; personal impact; the ability to influence

4. Reinforcing networks; networks of support and networks of reciprocity

5. Resilience under extreme pressure

Participants in “A Seat at the Table” leave with practical tools to help them succeed, including:

  • a framework for understanding leadership structures and styles;
  • a mirror for personal presence including within a group dynamic; and
  • a road map of critical networks and milestones, in order to achieve their professional and personal objectives.

Our highly qualified, in-house research capability is based in London and delivers Search and Development internationally.
Fidelio is committed to building diverse and highly effective Boards and Executive teams.

For further information please visit our website Fidelio Partners Board Development and Executive Search or contact

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