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Navigating Executive Search, Harvard Business School Alumni of London, 13th May 2014

Fidelio was pleased to co-ordinate and moderate a panel discussion “Navigating Executive Search” with Harvard Business School Alumni of London.

HBS Alumni commonly have a good understanding of how markets, in particular financial markets, work. Arguably, the career market place for senior executives is one of the most important markets for all of us and one of the least well understood.

Typically the focus of any discussion of the careers market place focuses on the Search consultancies. In the panel discussion “Navigating Executive Search” we looked to the end client in the Search process – the corporate.  Three senior HR directors from leading corporates in very different sectors explored how they view the global market place for senior executives and how they ensure access to the talent that their companies need.

The Executive Search industry is an important intermediary in sourcing senior Executives and Non-Executives. The panel therefore also discussed how the Search industry is structured and how it is changing in response to macro-developments such as the rise of technology, increased scrutiny of business leaders and a greater focus on governance.

Our panel for the evening was uniquely well positioned to shed light on this important market place and we welcomed:

Frances Illingworth, Global Recruitment Director, WPP – Frances shared how the world’s largest marketing and communications company ensures that at corporate level and throughout its ca. 100  subsidiaries it can attract the talent it needs, including to deal with the challenge of disruptive technology.

Martin Powell, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Dialog Semiconductor  – Martin addressed how a high growth technology company sources the technical and leadership skills that it needs to meet the rapidly changing demands of its clients, including some of the world’s leading technology brands.

Norman Walker, Senior Advisor, TPG – Norman explained how one of the world’s leading Private Equity firms with over US$59 billion capital under management hires for its own needs and for its portfolio companies.

Moderator: Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Partner, Fidelio Partners – Gillian  drew upon her experience as a Search consultant, as well as a former client and candidate in the Search process , to explore the structure, dynamics and economics of the Executive Search industry. Gillian will also moderate the panel.
The aim of this panel discussion was to lift the curtain on the market place for senior Executive and Non-Executive roles. There were practical insights for those looking to further their own career as to how to get on the radar screen. There were also be examples of best practice for those audience members who have responsibility for hiring.

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