July 11, 2019 London
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IR Society and Fidelio Partners Climate Change Roundtable

Fidelio co-hosted a roundtable event addressing climate change in partnership with the IR Society and Chapter Zero on the 11th July.

Climate change has fast become an emergent Board and investment risk. Investors are increasingly seeking to understand how companies are prepared for climate change and Boards are being expected to consider this on their agendas. Fidelio was delighted to collaborate with the IR Society and Chapter Zero to explore how investors engage with companies on this subject, and how IR can contribute to better informed Boards.

Key themes which emerged from the discussion included:

  1. IR Directors frequently receive information requests from investors that add to work burden but don’t necessarily add clarity. IR Directors in attendance at the roundtable recognised that IR has a role in educating investors about climate risk, and providing confidence in the company’s strategy.
  2. Boards are often divided about the immediacy of climate change risk. IR can articulate the risk of shareholder discomfort, which risks leaving companies with stranded assets.
  3. Non-Executive Directors who participated in the roundtable recognised that climate change may lead to major disruption of established business models, both in the long and short term. It was clear that IR can play a central role in perparing boards for such disruption.

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