September 27, 2018 London
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Fidelio Breakfast Roundtable for Audit Committee Chairs: “Beyond the Numbers”, 27 September 2018

As Fidelio builds Boards “fit for the future” through Search, Evaluation and Development, we see the complexity facing Audit Committee Chairs increasing substantially driven by technology, public scrutiny and regulation.

We were therefore delighted to welcome a select number of experienced Audit Committee Chairs of listed companies across a range of sectors and geographies to explore the following topics:

  • How does the Audit Committee Chair engage effectively with the Board and across other Board Committees?  And how does the Audit Committee Chair ensure skills and succession within the Audit Committee?
  • What are the tools at the Audit Committee’s disposal to hold management to account?
  • How can the Audit Committee monitor and impact legal and ethical compliance across different geographies and cultures?
  • How can the Audit Committee strike the balance between protecting data and ensuring it can be used to benefit the business?
  • What are the appropriate time horizons for the Audit Committee when reviewing risk and strategy?

For further details of themes arising from this ongoing Audit Chair network, please click here.

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