February 27, 2018 AQUAVIT, LONDON
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Fidelio Board Breakfast – "Truth, Post-Truth and Board Decision Making", 27 February 2018

Fidelio builds Boards fit for the future through Search, Evaluation and Development. In our work with Chairman we see clearly the challenge corporates face from major disruption, as well as anti-business sentiment. Boards are tasked with securing the long-term success of the company against a back-drop of “alternative facts” and “post-truth”. Boards comprise experts at a time when the very notion of expertise is under challenge.

Against this backdrop we were pleased to welcome Ed Humpherson, Director General for Regulation, UK Statistics Authority to explore the challenge facing Boards when facts and evidence-based decision making are mistrusted by the public. Drawing on senior public service most recently as Director of Regulation and Assistant Auditor General for the National Audit Office and Director General for the UK Statistics Authority, Ed addressed three key questions:

 1. How can Boards be sure of the integrity of data they base their long-term decisions on?

 2. With experts and big business under fire, are Boards inevitably on the side of the elite?

 3. How can Boards ensure clarity of communication on complex issues facing their organisations?

Our guests at this Fidelio Board breakfast were Chairmen, Non-Executive and Executive Directors. The breakfast was by personal invitation only.

For more information, please do get in touch on +44 (0)207 759 2200 or

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