September 7, 2016 LONDON
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A Seat at the Table – Alumni Conference Call, "Culture and the Board", 7 September 2016

Culture is firmly on the Board agenda and there is increasing pressure that Boards are to be held responsible for setting the tone from the top.

Just last month, the FRC published ‘Corporate Culture and the Role of Boards’ and, almost simultaneously, the City Values Forum and Tomorrow’s Company released the consultation draft of ‘Governing Culture: Risk and Opportunity?’, a practical guide on setting the cultural agenda at the Board table.

We are delighted to be joined by Oonagh Harpur, Advisory Panel Member, Walgreens Boots Alliance, who has previously worked with Fidelio on the “Seat at the Table” Programme for Senior Female Executives in March 2016 for a Conference Call. As a Senior Advisor to Tomorrow’s Company and Board Member of City Values Forum, Oonagh has been heavily involved in recent publications on Boards and culture.

During the conference call, Oonagh will address the genesis and relevance of culture for Boards and what it practically means for those sitting on Boards, as well as recommending next steps.

The Call is by invitation only, for previous participants of the “Seat at the Table” programme, and will take place at 13.00, on Wednesday 7th September 2016.

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